Tips For A Perfect Reunion Party At Your House

Tips For A Perfect Reunion Party At Your House

Want to host a perfect reunion party at your home? Want to make an impression among your old school friends that you are still the good cool champ of the group? Are you full of confusion as how to organise everything? Then we can help you. Check the following points:

• First, look for the fact on how many of your friends are coming to your house. And based on that you can plan and organise rest of the things.

• Depending on the number of your guests, choose the location in your house where they all can fit in. If you do not want to make your entire house a mess, then it is better to set it outside in your lawn or garden. If that doesn’t sound okay to you, then the next best option is your living cum dining room.

Living room is generally the largest room in a house, so space accommodation will not be a problem. Along with that, they can enjoy TV or music, etc.

• In case of choosing the food and snacks, try to keep everyone’s favourite items in mind and place order accordingly. So, it’s better to have a discussion about it beforehand.

• If you do not want to increase your work load of washing so many glasses, then it is best to get bottled water deliver at your house. Just give bottles to each one of them, and let them carry along. At least you do not have to make an entire set up for serving water.

Yes, getting distilled water deliver may cost you some extra bucks, but it’s alright when you get the time to enjoy with your friends and not waste time in serving them.

• Put fresh sets of sofa and cushion covers in the living area to make your house look presentable and lively.

• If you want or have the time, then you can just do something special for your friends to make them nostalgic. You can create a collage of photographs of your past days, or you can just create an AV for them to make them feel how special your bonding is.

• Since your guests are your old school buddies, make the room look lively and young. Add some more lights in the room; add a dash of colour by placing colourful candles and pictures, etc.

• Arrange something for their entertainment. Keep some games in mind which you used to play at school together, or if you are in the mood of dance and fun, then arrange for a good quality sound system. Make sure you have a good stock of party songs on which you let yourself loose and dance like there is no tomorrow.