How To Plan A Perfect Baby Shower

How To Plan A Perfect Baby Shower

When your friend is about to welcome a new bundle of joy, no doubt your heart too will fill with delight! A new baby brings so much light and love to the world for sure. Everyone who is connected to the parents cannot help but rejoice when the divine day of birth dawns. But needless to say, the new parents will have tons of things to do to prepare for the arrival of their precious baby. As a friend, you can certainly help them enjoy the magical phase of preparation to the fullest by helping to throw a perfect baby shower! The article below gives some tips and suggestions that will truly inspire you.

Finalize the guest list

If your friend is aware of your plans, you can easily get in touch with her and find out who she wants to invite for the baby shower. This will indeed make the party planning process very easy for you! Make sure you find their names and telephone numbers and contact them right away. If you are planning to have a small party, you can opt to create a group on WhatsApp which will help everyone be on the loop.

If you are planning to throw a surprise baby shower, you will have to face a bigger challenge. Try as much as you can to speak to your friend’s closest buddies and get the names of everyone who should be invited. Once you have the list, start making calls!

Decide on the date

Talk to everyone before deciding on the date. Make sure most of the guests would be able to come on the day. Especially the ones who are nearest and dearest to your friend should find the date and the time that you fix for the event, convenient. Once you fix the date and time, contact everyone again and let them know.

Decide on the refreshments and games

The baby shower will not be complete without nice refreshments and games! If you are planning to have the party in New Zealand, look for leading Auckland catering services and get quotations. Try to get some cute snacks that will go well with the theme. Try to place your order as soon as you possibly can in order to avoid disappointment. Ensure proper guidelines are given so that the one who is making the cake will know exactly what design you have in mind.

Try to find information about food catering Auckland has on the internet. You can also get some opinions from friends who have thrown baby showers before.

Discuss gift options

You can create a gift registry with the support of your friend so that those who are coming for the event will be able to contribute meaningfully. Everyone knows that a new baby comes with a lot of expenses, so it’s always nice to help new parents out financially!

Hope you have a wonderful baby shower that will make your friend truly delighted.

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